How I became Nib Geebles

Hello and welcome. My name is Nib Geebles. You may be wondering, as others have wondered before you, "What the hell kind of name is that?" Believe it or not this hasn’t always been my name. My parents gave me another name, which I still use today when marooned in polite society. I became Nib Geebles in 1985.

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Good News For Bad Apples

The 2018 calendar, arguably the most colorful Nib Geebles calendar to date, features 15 full color illustrations, not just of apples but people as well, continuing on with life during historically troubling times. Also includes holiday fun and memorable dates. Square format, size (8 ½ X 8 ½). To order yours visit the Merchandise page.

Nib Geebles News
I was with my friend and associate Robert Caruso (he is now in the business of show business). Back in those days Robert spent a lot of time upside down. I don’t remember if he was upside down or not on this occasion but I do remember him shuffling and spilling his papers. One of the things that fell out was a stamped letter. He sheepishly picked it up and put it away. I happened to notice that the letter was addressed to Nib Geebles. Without seeing the address…I knew the letter was for me. Within a few months I would make a calendar and my fate would be sealed; I would be "Nib Geebles", a guy who makes calendars. Around this site, with the clicking of the mouse and all that, you will find samples of other things that I do, or have done.



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